FridgeBot Wins at Kettering


FridgeBot Wins at Kettering

Winners!.jpg The competition season is here and started off with quite a bang! Our first district competition took place at Kettering University on March 4th and 5th. Forty teams from across Michigan were in attendance to compete in this year’s game. Teams participated in eighty qualification matches all day Friday and in the morning on Saturday. The top eight ranked teams then drafted their two other alliance members that they would take into the playoff matches. For our team, much was learned from the first qualification rounds. We learned even more about the game and what our strategy needed to be so we could get the most points. At the end of the qualification rounds, we got 25th place out of the 40 teams there. Even though that didn’t guarantee us a spot in the playoffs, the 3rd ranked team, The Benzene Bots Team 4384, drafted us along with the More Martians, Team 70, into the playoffs. The success only grew at that point, as we advanced from the quarterfinals to the semis, and then into the finals where we beat out the 4th seeded alliance, winning the Kettering District Competition. The team received a large banner that we will hang up in our school’s gymnasium, a very nice picture frame, and a pristine trophy to set in a display case at our school. All of the hard work we’ve put in throughout the build season payed off at this event, and the success will only continue to reveal itself.    

But wait, there’s more! As an added bonus, our team was given the Creativity Award for our use of wheelbarrow tires on our robot. We received a very nice frame and a trophy along with this honor.

FridgeBot’s Next Steps

The future is bright for Team FridgeBot. Our next and final district competition will be the Lansing Event at Mason High School from March 24th through the 26th. We hope to have similar results at this event like we did at Kettering. Come and join us in the action! With our district win at Kettering, we are now guaranteed a spot at the state competition in Grand Rapids at the DeltaPlex Arena. This event is going to take place from April 13th through the 16th. We would love for you to come! If you cannot make it, you can watch us live at


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Attending the state competition is a large expense for the team.  If you would like to donate, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.